Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  1. Where is the registration page? I did not find it ?

    It's very much there on iINNOVATE page. However please access this link.

  2. Is it possible to have team of 5?

    For this contest the maximum team members are 4.

  3. Should all the students be from the same college? We are seeming to be a team from two colleges. Does that work?

    Supposed to be from the same college. However, we allow students team up from different colleges. Incase the team wins the award, BEST PLACE TO INNOVATE award should be shared by both the institutes.

  4. Can it be a team of less than 4?

    We expect a 4 member team since innovators have to work in teams and collaborate each other. However, you can form a team of less than 4 but you may loose evaluation points for the same (Team collaboration and role play is one of the criteria).

  5. It is mentioned that there needs to be a Faculty as a mentor. Should this be a registered faculty from the same college or can the faculty be from any other college as well or someone who is well qualified and can just mentor us?

    We prefer to have registered faculty from the same college since the BEST PLACE TO INNOVATE award goes to the college. However, you are allowed to have an external mentor for the contest.

  6. Can I register to TechEase workshop without participating in iINNOVATE contest?

    Absolutely. TechEase is a three days of education, inspiration and skills development. However, if you register for both iINNOVATE and TechEase then your team will get 40% discount on the registration fee.

  7. I have registered for iINNOVATE a few days back but have not registered for TechEase then. Can I register for TechEase and get 40% discount?

    Yes. go to Tech Ease registration page and check I registered for the INNOVATE Challenge and type the unique number sent to you when you registered for iINNOVATE. The system will recognize you and extend the discount. If not, register again for both iINNOVATE and Tech Ease.

  8. If our iINNOVATE mentor wants to attend Tech Ease, does he have to register as professional?

    No. If your mentor is guiding you for the project, he will be offered an honorary registration to attend the Tech Ease workshop for free.

  9. If we have any doubts about the contest description, who should we contact?

    Feel free to mail One of our senior guys will get back to you to resolve your queries.

  10. If we want to attend Tech Ease at IIIT Hyderabad, Does the registration fee cover all our food expenses and accommodation?

    Your registration fee covers your Lunch and Tea only for 3days. You will be taking care of your dinner and the accommodation. We can suggest you some near by hotels who are willing to offer affordable pricing for the TechEase.

  11. How much do we have to pay for the TechEase workshops?

    General registration fee is Rs.2000/- each.

    iINNOVATE delegate fee is Rs.1200/- each.

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