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Rfbh-----(r)elief (f)or (b)ig (h)eadache Called (t)raffic (c)ongestion

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What is the identified problem?

main problems faced by traffic congestion 1.Business people faces lot problem as they couldn't reach the destination in time it spoils meeting and cause heavy loss in business 2.School or college vehicles couldn't reach the destination on time it make more congestion in traffic 3.Emergency period like accident or fire accident it's impossible to save people due to traffic congestion by ambulance or fire engines 4.Many youngsters who are traveling for interviews faces lot traffic problem due to traffic congestion Like wise we face lot problems due to this traffic congestion.If you live in an urban area, traffic congestion can be a major daily headache. It's bad enough that there isn't enough road capacity for the increasing numbers of vehicles travelling on them, and rude and aggressive drivers make a bad situation even worse. Here's how to avoid being a part of the problem and start being part of the solution

Brief about Solution


Eliminate parking requirements in industrial areas (and ideally, everywhere). If necessary, implement parking permits for neighborhoods (already common in some cities) take mass transit The best way to avoid contributing to traffic congestion is to take mass transit. When travelling around town, jump on a bus or train instead of in your car. taking mass transit can be faster, cheaper, and more relaxing. It also helps minimize environmental damage caused by excessive car use.1) Implement employee parking cash out (equalizing the parking subsidy). This would have an immediate impact of reducing car community by 25%.Try Active Transportation. Active transportation (walking, jogging, roller blading, riding a bicycle, etc.) is another great way of reducing congestion. Active transportation takes cars off roads and is the most cost effective means of transportation for short distances. This is also an easy way to improve your health, cut your gas bill and save the environment. If you ride in the street, don't obstruct or confuse motorized traffic needlessly. Stay to the slow side of the road as long as it's safe and practical. Signal your turns.Map out some alternative routes. Look for at least two additional ways you can complete your commute. Ideally, you can come up with five (even if some of them are different by only one street).

  • Review maps, both online and offline. Use different colored highlighters on a paper map to explore routes. Online, many map sites offer alternate routes and "no highways" options.
  • Ask co-workers, or other people who make a similar commute They may know of a shortcut.
  • It also helps to know how to switch from one route to another, at various points of your commute. That way, if you find out there's a sudden traffic jam ahead, you can adapt.Try the alternative routes. Do this on days when you can afford to be late, if the route should turn out to take longer. The important thing is to leave your home at the same time you normally would, because if you leave early, you might be fooled into thinking that route is faster when it was really that it's just less crowded at that specific time.Use a  Global positioning system device with live traffic updates during your commute.Avoid the temptation to talk on the phone, text, put make-up on, or read the newspaper even if traffic is moving very slowly. texting or reading, or doing other things that require your attention is inconsiderate to other drivers who must then either honk to wake you up to the rest of the world, or wait until you wake on your own. The idea is to remain alert enough to keep traffic flow moving as best it can. Remember: in most jurisdictions, it is now illegal to talk/text on your phone or even fiddle with a GPS unit while in traffic.use " Hitachi-original traffic information processing technology and congestion forecast technology, by making use of location information from vehicles for business use, such as taxis, along with the conventional VICS traffic information, provide traffic information with wider-area coverage and higher quality. The purpose of this traffic information is to improve users' convenience through services, such as delivery service to cellular phone users and PC service site users, information service to the businesses' fleet management, and information delivery service to navigation systems through telematics service center. For example, the route guidance allows you to avoid the traffic congestion and arrive at destination in a shorter period of time
  • Expected applications of service

  • contents provider to cellular phone or pc
  • support for taxi/auto dispatching management
  • support for fleet management
  • car navigation or telematics service..........
 Highly accurate real-time traffic information In this service, by collecting the floating data from several thousands of running taxi/auto every 30sec and processing them with high performance, the real time and highly accurate traffic information is provided every 5min.
The amount of floating car/auto data collected by taxis/auto is equivalent to those collected by about ten thousands of average family cars/auto in terms of mileage
 Highly accurate traffic congestion forecast Based on the accumulated historical floating car/auto data we provide the traffic congestion information with high accuracy according to various traffic conditions such as a month, a day of the week, long-term holidays, and various events. Moreover, we can provide the times required for traveling different route with high accuracy by calculating the congestion level at right or left lanes from the floating car/auto information.
This method extracts basic characteristics such as "morning traffic congestion," "evening traffic congestion" from the historical traffic information, and forecasts the traffic congestion information from the combination of conditions for the prediction target date such as a month, a day of the week, a holiday, long-term holidays, and a season, and the basic characteristics.
contents provider to cellular phone or pc

Providing contents for cellular phone
  - Providing traffic information (past, current, future)
  - Notification of traffic situation forecast by email
  - Route guidance
  - Exchange information service among groups, etc.

- Providing contents for PC
  - Drive route guidance
  - Assist for Travel plan
  - Sightseeing information search
  - Hotel information search,
support for car/auto dispatching management
In taxi/auto dispatching management, the highly accurate estimated arrival time announcement can be operational with consideration of traffic congestion.
This allows you to improve the customer satisfaction through the fastest route guidance to the destination and the information of the more correct estimated arrival time when dispatching.- Effective taxi/auto arrangement and dispatching
- Announcement of more correct estimated arrival time
- Announcement of fastest route to the destination, and so on
support for fleet management

The traffic information forecast service for fleet management is provided.
This allows you to improve service for customers by supporting the planning operation for delivery and drive management, providing the more correct estimated arrival time to the customer location, and providing the delay information efficiently.Effective support for delivery and drive management
- Announcement of the more correct estimated arrival time to the customer location
- Efficient announcement of the delay information due to traffic congestion and so on
car navigation telematics service

The statistic traffic information forecast for car navigation is provided.
This allows the traffic information distribution area to expand.
Also, allows the service to improve by providing the present traffic information and the real time traffic information forecast for telematics service.- Expansion of the traffic information distribution area
- Announcement of more correct present traffic information
- Route guidance with real time congestion forecast, etc. 
Any congestion still remaining will be eliminated by use of congesting pricing This means charging for road use an amount that varies so that traffic is kept moving. As rush hour approaches, the price increases in stages in order to keep total cars using the facility at the same optimal flow level. The money raised could be used to build guideway transit because road users also benefit by paying for potential motorists to use alternatives. Congestion pricing also increases highway capacity while reducing political pressure for more highway construction

How well does the proposed solution enable great commuter experience?

our solutions for traffic congestion give huge relief for many people in different sectors as business people can reach destination on time. school or college students can reach on time. ambulance and fire engines reach on time to save people. person who attending interview can reach destination on time etc.............

How attractive is this idea for partners from transportation, business, government, non profit or other sectors to get involved?

our idea will attract everyone because Business people: they get lot benefits as they reach on time for meeting so that they get lot profits Government get fare it will benefit by getting income by this idea Transportation:we recommend to take mass transmit so it will benefit government n transport sectors also private sectors etc

Environmental impact, whether the proposed idea in predominantly service based without adding more physical structures

There is no physical structures like fly over,bridges etc in our idea. there will be no disturbance like construction works which make additional traffic congestion it wont affect existing structures and also it wont affect the comfort of people

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