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Aapka Alternate,green Bus,parallel Transportation,interlinked Transportation.

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What is the identified problem?

Traffic congestion during peak hours in the cities.

Brief about Solution

Need & Problem & solution
Relevance & impact
The problem is the “Traffic congestion” in the
cities. Our Indian economy depends on transportation
phenomenon directly or indirectly .If the traffic congestion
is more, our economy will be affected .Also a lot of
accidents are occurring daily with this improper traffic so
there is a need to check on this problem.
The solution for this problem is mainly of 2 types (1) Traffic
management (2) Traffic avoidance
We have four new ideas which can be
implemented effectively, they are
“Aapka” alternate
Green bus
Parallel transportation
Interlink b/w railway & road ways
In this, we are monitoring the updated road traffic volume
with the help of new technology of software’s (or) CC
cameras or GIS. There by we can provide information on
LED screens having symbols like (arrow marks) and time
taken to clear that traffic specially made on each road &
passengers can see &know that on which road there is a
heavy volume, so they can choose on which directions
shall they turn to reach their destinations. Suppose at the
star grid pattern when I am coming from one side and I
want to take my left turn, let’s assume in that road there is
heavy traffic volume when I see the screen provided and
having the time to clear the traffic, if I have an alternate of
going to right turn to reach my destination then I will come
to a decision that it is better to take right. Like this we can
distribute the traffic and effectively reduce the traffic.
People are maintaining their own vehicles as they do not
want to take risks by travelling in the public vehicles.
That’s how today’s public transport vehicles are becoming.
Lack of safety, uneconomical and lack of time schedule are
making people to travel in their own vehicles which
increase traffic congestion.
So if we provide all these above mentioned things in a very
effective manner in the so called green buses, we can make
them feel that public transport vehicle as the best means
to travel.
We have to create parallel transport facility to overcome the
traffic congestion…means creating the two or more
transportation facilities(roadway & railway) to reach the same
destination spot. By this half of the traffic may get reduced
We should made an interlink b/w roads & railways by
arranging buses near to railways, thereby making people
not to travel in other vehicles to reach bus stands at far
away places located like in the present cases.
Relevance & impact
If we implement the above methods, there will be a
reduction in traffic congestion statically and accidents will
also reduce leading to no loss of lives. Country’s economy
will increase if road transport is good.
Impact on Environment
Reduction in the traffic congestion implies that no. of
vehicles travelling on the road decreases. It implies
indirectly no emission of fuel gases in the environment. So
environment will be clean & tidy having no global warming
or no green house effect if traffic congestion is reduced.

How well does the proposed solution enable great commuter experience?

The commuter will get relief from traffic congestion at any time if we implemented the above solutions effectively.

How attractive is this idea for partners from transportation, business, government, non profit or other sectors to get involved?

Government will collect taxes from the private vehicles on the congested road.These revenues can be used for the development purposes of the society. Providing comfortable Green buses, they can attract higher income group people and in that case they can increase the ticket price to adjust the expenditure for providing the comfortable Green buses. Time is going to be saved by the commuters.

Environmental impact, whether the proposed idea in predominantly service based without adding more physical structures

If number of private vehicles are reduced on congested road, it will reduce the traffic volume on that road and pollution in urban areas.If the private vehicle users are attracted to the public transportation system, it will reduce the consumption of petrol which is essential for sustainable development of the society. The provided solution in this presentation does not require any kind of physical structures, only alternative ways have been shown to the commuter to reduce the traffic congestion.

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    Winners may present at IIMBangalore at UXINDIA’13 conference

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