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Simple Steps To Follow. And Avoid Traffic. India The Greencity

Published On : 30-Sep-13 11:37:58 | 1203 Views 87 Votes
What is the identified problem?

major causes of traffic, roadside parkings, un followed rules, no awareness for the people.

Brief about Solution

1.    When travelling around town, jump on a bus or train instead of in your car. Taking mass transit can be faster, cheaper, and more relaxing. It also helps minimize environmental damage caused by excessive car use. 2.   2 Try Active Transportation. Active transportation (walking, jogging, roller blading, riding a bicycle, etc.) is another great way of reducing congestion. Active transportation takes cars off roads and is the most cost effective means of transportation Take Mass Transit. The best way to avoid contributing to traffic congestion is to take mass transit. for short distances. This is also an easy way to improve your health, cut your gas bill and save the environment. o    If you ride in the street, don't obstruct or confuse motorized traffic needlessly. Stay to the slow side of the road as long as it's safe and practical. Signal your turns. 3.   3 Combine Active Transportation and Mass Transit. If your destination is too far away for active transportation or mass transit alone, combine the two to increase your commuting range allowing you to ride to and from the transit stops nearest your destination. Many mass transit systems are designed with cyclists in mind with racks on the fronts of buses, bike lockers at major stops, or even entire train cars designated for bicycle storage during travel. Check and see what options are available for combining active transportation and mass transit in your area! 4.   4 Pay attention. Sounds obvious, but most drivers are zoned out in their own little worlds, paying little attention to what's going on, even a car-length or two ahead of them. Start making an active effort to stay alert by scanning ahead as far as you can see. Your peripheral vision will take care of what isn't directly ahead of you. Watch for slowing ahead for road hazards and for accidents or other problems at the road side. Anticipate slowdowns and back off or downshift even if you are driving an automatic. Don't be a brake tapper on the freeway. It can cause a ripple effect for miles. If you see a road hazard, such as debris in the road, call your local law enforcement agency through a non emergency line and report the hazard. The sooner someone reports a problem, the less impact it will have on the commute. 

How well does the proposed solution enable great commuter experience?

This helps the people to escape from traffic. The major point of this presentation is the people should follow the rules properly without giving any disturbance to the surroundings.

How attractive is this idea for partners from transportation, business, government, non profit or other sectors to get involved?

This helps to avoid traffic, and escape from delays and late arrivals of employer, education, and business and other sectors. Time management for these sectors are the important one. To avoid these distractions people should follow the rules. The people who do not follow the rules should be spot fined.

Environmental impact, whether the proposed idea in predominantly service based without adding more physical structures

No physical structures added..

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Panel of Judges

Bapu Kaladhar Shyama Sundar Duriseti Pratima Gupta Komal Mangu Paridhi Varma Ranjeet Kumar Tayi Srikanth Rangavajhala Raghu Reddy Arnab Chakravarty Rashmi Munshi Raman Khanna Sanjukta Das Prerak Mehta Usha Vikas Patri Ashish Tiwari Kalyan Rayapeta Bijey Shayak Sen Vinay Ahuja Shyamala Prayaga

Dates & Deadlines

  • 25-Sep-2013 :
    Deadline for Registration
  • 30-Sep-2013 :
    Deadline for submitting your projects
  • 01-Oct-2013 :
    Announcement of top 50 entries
  • 03-Oct-2013 :
    Deadline to entroll Techease 2013
  • 16-Oct-2013 :
    Deadline for voting by friends
  • 17-Oct-2013 :
    Presentation of the 50 shortlisted projects at the TechEase at IIITHyderabad
  • 19-Oct-2013 :
    Announcement of the final iINNOVATE prizes and award winners
  • 26-Oct-2013 :
    Winners may present at IIMBangalore at UXINDIA’13 conference

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