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Sensors Gyration Traffic Moderate System

Published On : 30-Sep-13 11:26:29 | 1460 Views 289 Votes
What is the identified problem?

Now a days traffic controlling in urban areas is becoming cumbersome. In present scenario irrespective of traffic congestion, traffic signal will be green for the time which was already programmed. If the vehicles are more in one way it doesn't give sufficient time to the vehicles to vacate the road.

Brief about Solution

• We are focusing on reduction of waiting time of a commuter. •We will increase the duration of green light glowing time for the way which consist traffic congestion and reduce if the traffic is less. •To find the traffic congestion we are using IR sensors as obstacle(vehicles) detectors . •We will place two bunches(B11,B12)of IR sensors at one side of the road at periodical distances at particular height(at which vehicle disturbs the transmission of IR). And respective IR receiver at other side of the road at same height. •We will place two bunches(B11,B12) per each road at adequate distance from the juction. Each bunch will consist 3 IR sensors(Circuit is designed in such a way that bunch value will be True if most of the IR's have detected a True value) each bunch will be given a sequence number. For a single bunch the value will be True if IR1,IR2,IR3 are(F,T,T),(T,F,T),(T,T,F),(T,T,T) and will be false if (F,F,F),(F,F,T),(T,F,F),(F,T,F). 
T=True (if obstacle is present ). F=False (if obstacle is absent). 
•We will take bunch values (B11,B12,B21,B22,B31,B32,B41,B42)as input to the Arduino board and time delays for Green and Yellow signals(G1,Y1,G2,Y2,G3,Y3,G4,Y4) as outputs •When the vehicle comes in the transmission way of IR sensors it will give True value for bunch.By the sequence number of bunch we will give the time duration for the Green light using Arduino board(We will embed the looping program on the arduino board). Let us take a way from junction and give numbering as 1. Respective bunches will be B11,B12. If (B11,B12)  are (F,F) and (F,T) the green signal time will be 40 seconds, If (T,F)-50 seconds, If (T,T)-80 seconds. •When 5 seconds are remaining in the G1 duration then the yellow light of the next way(y2) will glow then it will be given for the duration which will be decided by bunches(B21,B22) of way2. •So the duration time of green light will be decided by the distance covered by traffic.

How well does the proposed solution enable great commuter experience?

Since the more traffic is cleared at one time traffic jam would be less which in turn would increase the commuter travelling efficiency. Waiting time of commuters will be reduced. The idea will be very effective where small roads meet Highways with high traffic.

How attractive is this idea for partners from transportation, business, government, non profit or other sectors to get involved?

The idea is very attractive because it is cost efficient and require very less man power and effort. No new infrastructure is needed.

Environmental impact, whether the proposed idea in predominantly service based without adding more physical structures

No environmental impact because the radiation with IR sensors used is negligible compared to other radiating devices.

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Bapu Kaladhar Shyama Sundar Duriseti Pratima Gupta Komal Mangu Paridhi Varma Ranjeet Kumar Tayi Srikanth Rangavajhala Raghu Reddy Arnab Chakravarty Rashmi Munshi Raman Khanna Sanjukta Das Prerak Mehta Usha Vikas Patri Ashish Tiwari Kalyan Rayapeta Bijey Shayak Sen Vinay Ahuja Shyamala Prayaga

Dates & Deadlines

  • 25-Sep-2013 :
    Deadline for Registration
  • 30-Sep-2013 :
    Deadline for submitting your projects
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  • 16-Oct-2013 :
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  • 19-Oct-2013 :
    Announcement of the final iINNOVATE prizes and award winners
  • 26-Oct-2013 :
    Winners may present at IIMBangalore at UXINDIA’13 conference

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