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Junction Control

Published On : 30-Sep-13 11:09:49 | 953 Views 5 Votes
What is the identified problem?

Problem: Today each road of India conjested with traffic. Many people suffering from this suffocating traffic. Already existing techniques are not able to solve this gigantic problem. There is need to go for new methods and techniques.

Brief about Solution

Idea and solution:
Today the number of vehicles are increasing we cannot say people not to buy newvehicles.The only available parameter we have in our hands is speed of vehicles. If we can controlthe arrival time of the vehicles from different ways to the junction we can reduce the waiting time atjunction. This can be achieved by giving different speeds to vehicles from different ways.
Relevance and impact of idea:
For better understanding we take an example of junction of four roads.For suppose wegive different speeds for these four routes.So the vehicles coming in a single route will not coincidewith vehicles of remaining three routes.So there is no flooding of vehicles from all these four routes.

How well does the proposed solution enable great commuter experience?

Since in this method, commutator has to wait less time at junction so that he can save his valuable time. And as he is waiting less time at junction no matter of exposed to smoke coming from the front vehicle.The probability of getting sick is very less.

How attractive is this idea for partners from transportation, business, government, non profit or other sectors to get involved?

By this method as the trasporter need not wait much time at junctions so that his transportation will be very simple. This method doesn't need any new infrastructure except some speed indication boards.

Environmental impact, whether the proposed idea in predominantly service based without adding more physical structures

Environmental sustainability: The process we discussed above will not affect the environment and it is an effective way of controlling the flow of vehicles. The things like buildings ,infrastructure remains as it is we shouldn’t have to alter them and we are not using any new infrastructure.

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Panel of Judges

Bapu Kaladhar Shyama Sundar Duriseti Pratima Gupta Komal Mangu Paridhi Varma Ranjeet Kumar Tayi Srikanth Rangavajhala Raghu Reddy Arnab Chakravarty Rashmi Munshi Raman Khanna Sanjukta Das Prerak Mehta Usha Vikas Patri Ashish Tiwari Kalyan Rayapeta Bijey Shayak Sen Vinay Ahuja Shyamala Prayaga

Dates & Deadlines

  • 25-Sep-2013 :
    Deadline for Registration
  • 30-Sep-2013 :
    Deadline for submitting your projects
  • 01-Oct-2013 :
    Announcement of top 50 entries
  • 03-Oct-2013 :
    Deadline to entroll Techease 2013
  • 16-Oct-2013 :
    Deadline for voting by friends
  • 17-Oct-2013 :
    Presentation of the 50 shortlisted projects at the TechEase at IIITHyderabad
  • 19-Oct-2013 :
    Announcement of the final iINNOVATE prizes and award winners
  • 26-Oct-2013 :
    Winners may present at IIMBangalore at UXINDIA’13 conference

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