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Enhancing Public Transport -mitigation In Traffic Congestion

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What is the identified problem?

Most of the people are not making use of public transportation rather they are preferring private transportation which intern leading to traffic congestion in metropolitan city Impacts of Traffic congestion - 1) Wasting time of commuters. Delays, which may result in late arrival for work, meetings, and education etc. resulting in loss to individuals and there business. 2) Wastage of fuel, increasing air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions owing to increased idling, acceleration and braking. The most dangerous side effect of traffic jams though, is causing vehicular accidents Lack of using the public transportation i.e. more comfortable,safe and convenient for the commuters , they are landing in troubles like health hazards This is mainly due to the Irrelevant and inaccurate data of the bus arrival. This is the identified problem

Brief about Solution

Traffic congestion is increasing day by day.
It’s not possible to totally decrease the traffic congestion but a small percent can help a lot. We have gone through a number of comments on why people are giving up public transport and come to a conclusion that people give up only because these are not reliable and convenient. There are lots of instances where people end up arriving late to work, meetings, education and resulting in personal loss. So, we wish to improve  public transportation for the commuter benefit.   
Proposed idea:
Installing GPS(Global Positioning System) setup in public transport (bus) and displaying the location of these buses on the screens at the bus stops.
Installing GPS setup can greatly decrease the wastage of time of the passengers. All the location of public transport can be viewed on maps (online) also. So a large number of people can view the real time location of the public transport system making it more accurate and reliable. As these are online a smartphone user can also access the location of the bus.
This helps the commuter a lot of comfort. People also give up public transport because these are heavily crowded and a chance of personal loss is more. So if they come to know the exact location and availability of buss in that particular route , there is a lot of chance that people will choose public transport rather than own mode of transportation.  

People who does not want to wait at bus stops, they send SMS to  unique toll free number and get reply  of exact bus status
       SMS….TO     - XXXXX (some number)                  MSG – KPHY 222a         i.e., (bus stop code space bus number) and get reply  

This SMS service only meant for those people who could not spend more time waiting for bus and ready to go by other mode of transport.   By knowing the exact timing of buses, one who go by private means of transport will prefer to travel in bus with more comfort , safety and economic    
Making use of public transport is one of the best way to decrease traffic congestion and improve commuters travel convenience. Public transport is more efficient and safe.  Increase in public transport boosts up the revenue of the Govt., decreases the pollution and what else thus a country like India want rather than using its resources efficiently.  

A developed nation is not a place where the poor have cars it’s where the rich use public transport  

How well does the proposed solution enable great commuter experience?

Our solution can provide great comfort to the commuters Who wish to make use of public transport for safe convenient and comfortable travel time rather than preferring the private means of transport This comfort is achieved as the relevant data is displayed on the screens and they can make use of the toll-free sms service to trace out the exact location of bus in their own route using GPS setup that are installed in the bus This benefits the commuter in saving his time, which is the primary factor in our daily life Decreasing people on road can provide a large road space for brisk public transport

How attractive is this idea for partners from transportation, business, government, non profit or other sectors to get involved?

Business: Business people can invest their money in public transportation. They can run their own public bus services as per government standards. They can present their advertisements at that display in the given space provided for advertisements This advertisement cost is collected by the government and generate revenue for the this purpose uses this fund for electric charges and other charges Government: Government can call tenders and ask private companies to maintain these communication system as a contract. Non-profit organisations: Non-profit organisations can educate public this benefits and decrease health hazards cause to the private vehicle road users.

Environmental impact, whether the proposed idea in predominantly service based without adding more physical structures

It is completely a service based solution. There is no need for further construction, even this propose idea is eco-friendly It reduces the health hazards of private vehicle users and even helps in reducing pollution and makes effective use of available sources all through the road way

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Dates & Deadlines

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    Deadline for Registration
  • 30-Sep-2013 :
    Deadline for submitting your projects
  • 01-Oct-2013 :
    Announcement of top 50 entries
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  • 16-Oct-2013 :
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  • 19-Oct-2013 :
    Announcement of the final iINNOVATE prizes and award winners
  • 26-Oct-2013 :
    Winners may present at IIMBangalore at UXINDIA’13 conference

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