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What is the identified problem?

There are many problems on roads some are like signal problems during the peak/are working times on roads at junctions, analyzing the situation/problem like how much time to clearing road/to go especially like sudden accidents ,heavy flow of vehicles/sudden jams ,and some of the problems like communication gap between public and the traffic department people because e of individuality and the security problem in sharing the info, as the vehicles are increasing day by day for reach of necessity, as any one can’t say stop purchasing the vehicles

Brief about Solution

Traffic problem is developing parallel to the increasing human needs, as everyone is adapting individual transport systems, rather than the available public transport system. Is one of the key factors to traffic problems , and also are interrelated to the departmental problems, [the task / action to be taken at the time of complexity of the traffic system ] common public problems traffic jams speed control less communication  signaling , improper use of signage.

As a flexible solution forming an interface to generate all the traffic info and updating by creating a mobile application which gives you information about traffic. The features which are available in the app are shortcuts which are created by the info of the users and the area maps, which gives you the alternative shortcuts to reach your destination. And the app also gives you the flexible interface to change your routes. Bus info where the total bus info related to the city and bus routes and the numbers, all the bus terminals and stages will be visible and updated. The users can have access to all the information just by providing the start location and the destination, all the available routes traffic updates, speed limits and landmarks will be specified. As the traffic department already provides us with cc cameras the app has a direct access to the live feed, as the users click on the specific route junctions the app shows a popup image of the live screenshot of the area. The app alerts the user when he crosses the speed limits of the area. The traffic intensity is shown on the app at junctions by the usage of colored dots [yellow, orange, and red] respective to the intensity. Finally the short traffic audio updates given by the local radio stations are transferred to the user. 

Clouding: color coding this is possible by using the existing light poles on the roads.

Depending upon the complexity of vehicular movements, the traffic controller manually operates the lamps changes their color Ex: white: free movement of vehicles

  • Yellow – moderate 
  • Orange – difficult 
  • Red – traffic jam 
Since the traffic app doesn’t cause any kind of change or problem in environment this idea of a mobile application is eco friendly and creates a network of traffic users who constantly keep the app up to date.

How well does the proposed solution enable great commuter experience?

The civilians as well as the department officials fell grate in computer experience like civilians feel comfortable in using the idea application for their customization of routes, analysis about the routs/stages which one has to cross while travelling on vehicles by imaging, the shortcut maps and traffic flow scenario like how much possibility is there to reach the destination point in time, The department officials of traffic are helped out by image sharing and the area clouding concept, in controlling the traffic this enables them to understand the complexity of traffic of other routs and helps them to plan the signaling / route changing etc., The clouding concept helps the public as well as the officials which were analyzed by the application.

How attractive is this idea for partners from transportation, business, government, non profit or other sectors to get involved?

There is more scope for all this can get involved in the idea implementation the civilians involves because of the features on the application and user friendly, the business people like lighting sectors information technology sector has the scope in developing and implementing the idea, in application business as it was for the mobiles and the clouding (lighting /color coding) etc

Environmental impact, whether the proposed idea in predominantly service based without adding more physical structures

The mobile application is user friendly and helps the civilians to use as their personal application which enables them to get involve in the bringing down the pollution (air, sound) on roads The clouding and image sharing concept has to be implemented by changing /altering the pool lights on the streets /roads for the colors only like lamps The idea is totally inspired by existing components like mobiles of public, lamps on streets and the and the cameras on the roads which play the crucial part in idea.

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Panel of Judges

Bapu Kaladhar Shyama Sundar Duriseti Pratima Gupta Komal Mangu Paridhi Varma Ranjeet Kumar Tayi Srikanth Rangavajhala Raghu Reddy Arnab Chakravarty Rashmi Munshi Raman Khanna Sanjukta Das Prerak Mehta Usha Vikas Patri Ashish Tiwari Kalyan Rayapeta Bijey Shayak Sen Vinay Ahuja Shyamala Prayaga

Dates & Deadlines

  • 25-Sep-2013 :
    Deadline for Registration
  • 30-Sep-2013 :
    Deadline for submitting your projects
  • 01-Oct-2013 :
    Announcement of top 50 entries
  • 03-Oct-2013 :
    Deadline to entroll Techease 2013
  • 16-Oct-2013 :
    Deadline for voting by friends
  • 17-Oct-2013 :
    Presentation of the 50 shortlisted projects at the TechEase at IIITHyderabad
  • 19-Oct-2013 :
    Announcement of the final iINNOVATE prizes and award winners
  • 26-Oct-2013 :
    Winners may present at IIMBangalore at UXINDIA’13 conference

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